Kim Richmond

Thanks for covering for me on the Kenton Legacy Tour. I assume you had a blast!

Kim -- I had a great time, thanks! Hope your recording sessions went well.

Josh Buelow

Hi Dr Romain
I was just wondering if you have any mouthpieces that you would recommend for me to try out for Jazz on Bari. People have currently suggested a metal Berg, metal link, and a meyer. I just wanted to know what you personally would recommend.

Josh: My preference is for hard-rubber Otto Link, especially if you can find one that has been refaced by Brian Powell or another great refaced. 7, 7* or 8 would be my preference. If you want more bite/bark in the sound, try a Berg hard rubber 110/0 or 110/1. I don't like Meyers on bari.

Jeffrey Price

Hello Dr. Romain,

I'm curious where you can purchase the LM1 mouthpiece in the U.S. I've scoured the web with no luck, and the European website I found cannot ship to the U.S. for some reason. Could you please point me in the right direction?

Thanks for your time.
Jeff Price

Jeff: I had to get mine directly from PlayNick. However, I recently learned that Legere has partnered with PlayNick and is selling the Inspiration mouthpiece, which plays for me almost identically to the LM1.


Hi Dr. Romain, this is just a random question, but is there a big difference between a Mk VI and a Selmer SA Series 3? And which one do you prefer, and why?

Thomas C Potter aka Tom Coryell

Great website! Do you ever make it back to WY? Would love to here you play with the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra again, or maybe some jazz at the Kinser Fest or something. Best Regards

Jimmy Juan

Dear James,
I am a fan of jazz music and saxophone, so I knew you are a great alto saxophonist and very glad to learn some information from your official web-side.
May I ask you a few question about which mouthpiece do you always use in your gigs and studio? Do you also use metal mouthpiece as I observed that most jazz alto sax players use hard rubber mouthpiece?

Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks for your response.

Best Regards,


Benn Tracy

Hi there!

I stumbled across your recording of 'Beat Me' and was highly impressed, so I have chosen to do a study of it for uni. I've run into trouble, though, at finding a definition of inverted slap tonguing. If you have the time and inclination i'd be very appreciative if you could fill me in.


dr james, i appreciate a lot the way you're playing saxophone. i 'm from romania, and even if we don t have a great saxophone school, is imposible to not appreciate you' re value.for improving our school if you want to give us some scores we will be happy.thank you.
wish you the best!
sorry for my bad english

Mike Lehr (aka LampLight)


Thanks for making such beautiful music available on your site.


Scott Dickinson

I studied under Larry Gwozdz a hundred years ago, Tyree too. Loved the trumpet and sax by Riveria. Listening to the Serenade comique, nice as well.

Recordings available... at...

Allie Kuentzel

I am from Wichita Falls, TX, studying saxophone performance at MIdwestern State University. I am a study with high ambitions and I am always finding new sounds from the saxophones if that makes any sense. When I came across your site, I was beside myself. You have a bright sound yet smooth and sweet. Of course you now what sound you have but I am very impressed. I would love if you were to clinic or to give a recital at our performance hall. Your sound leaves me in awe.
Sincerely yours,
Allie Kuentzel

Josie Poppen

I need some advice on a replacement mouth piece for my beginner son (Cole's) Alto. He's playing on a student horn we just had refurbished, but the mouth piece has a chip out of it. I'm certain it can't help him produce a very good tone, as it.
What would be a good choice?
Josie Poppen

P.S. I LOVE your web site.

Fausto Balboa Marcial

Hi professor Romain,this web site is great! congratulations.


Have fun in Mexico, Senor!! No toma la agua!



Hey your web page rocks